Without the support of our partners, affiliates, and volunteers, we would unable to provide the programs and opportunities that we currently provide. With the help of our sponsors, partners, and volunteers, we hope to continue to grow and create more life changing opportunities for our children and adults with physical disabilities. A special thanks to our partners for the monetary support you provide to help enhance our current programs while helping us to create new opportunities. A special thanks to our affiliates, which consist of other not for profit organizations. Our affiliates provide resources and opportunities in which our members can participate. Special thanks to our volunteers, as our organization would not be able to run without them. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to develop, sponsor and promote recreational and competitive athletic opportunities for individuals with physical challenges.


Resources are something that we all need. There are places, people, and things available that can help you and your family continue to live a fun, full, and active lifestyle. This is a list with links to many resources located here in Oklahoma, as well as some national organizations. Also check out our sponsors page, for links to additional resources as well. I hope you find this page helpful. If you know of other resources, please feel free to let us know so we can add them. Thanks!!!!

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