OKASA is committed to sponsoring and supporting recreational and competitive events including basketball, track and field, swimming, road racing, table tennis, weight-lifting, and water sports. In most sports, competitions are available at the local, regional, national and international levels.

  • Promote health and fitness for youth and adults with physical disabilities.
  • Teach life-long skills, such as team effort, sportsmanship, goal setting, commitment, responsibility to oneself and to a team.
  • Provide a means for peer interaction with others who have similar disabilities and interests, while developing new friendships.
  • Boost personal aspirations by increasing self-worth, motivation and confidence.
  • Grow awareness of the general public on the capabilities of the physically challenged.
  • Reach potential for a lifetime of recreation/sports.
  • OKASA athletes hold national records in basketball, track & field, swimming and weight-lifting.
  • Participation in recreational and competitive sports provides individuals an opportunity to develop positive self-worth, self-confidence and competitive spirit for a fulfilling and active life.